Finding a routine

There is so much stuff to do and remember I have had to laminate a list:

Morning: empty commode, wash, dress, brush teeth, change pad, medication, help to chair, move commode to chair, breakfast then leave the following:

water and glass, mobile phone, landline, watch alarm, clock, tv remote controls, paracetamol, fan, tissues, toilet roll, spare pads, bin liners. And on club days – water, sickness tablets and money, more spare pads. Oh and a snack.


Wash, put nightdress on, change pad, empty commode, evening meal, medication, senna, painkillers, move commode to side of bed and remember to put the following items on the bed table:

charge phone, charge landline, clock, bell to call me in the night, watch alarm, tv remote controls, water and glass, tissues, fan, paracetamol, toilet roll, spare pads, bin liners. Oh and a snack.

Order regular supplies of pads and pants, tena wipes, fragrance free shower gel, gloves, face wipes, bin liners, toilet rolls, tissues and medication.

And then clean the house, cook the meals, check appointments, pick up after falls in the night, liaise with carers, do the daily laundry and go to work….  I am sure I have forgotten something 😦

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