Best buy ever

The battery ran out today and for the life of me I couldn’t get the screws out to recharge it!  Total panic and disaster!  What was this thing that I have become so dependent on?  – a video doorbell.  Honestly, it has transformed my life and I really can’t live without it.

In my stupidity I had thrown the box away which contained the screwdriver, thinking it was just any screwdriver – but of course it was not – it was a T6 torx screwdriver!!  What the fxxx was that?  I managed to contact the company that made the doorbell and to my relief and surprise they immediately offered to send me a replacement screwdriver from the USA free!!!  I never get anything free.  It is flying on its way to me now, but I couldn’t wait.  I really cannot survive without this bell.  Already I have missed two parcels because I couldn’t answer the door from work and mum was also ringing me at work, worrying that someone was knocking at the door and no one was in.

Honestly, everyone must get one of these.  It is truly amazing.  My husband was working in the front garden and having a very animated conversation with my son and daughter who were in Australia!! Imagine that!  I had sent them the link but didn’t imagine they could answer motion on the doorbell from the other side of the world.  I have been able to ask a delivery driver to wait, seen where parcels have been left and asked other callers to come back later.

The only downside is that it video’s you installing the thing.  I just hope the company do not keep this data to torment you with later!!  Apart from the practicality of the bell, you can have such a laugh with it too, believe me.  Some of the images it captures could earn someone a fortune on ‘You have been Framed’.

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